23 March 2017

Join us in the 2017 edition of #inLombardia365 as we explore the northern Italian region of Lombardy, sharing travel inspiration to help plan your next getaway!

This weekend we’ll be in Bergamo for some urban adventures, incredible food, a Jazz Festival, and much more!
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Discover the Itinerary

Saturday, March 25th
• 11:30 Transfer Milan – Bergamo
• 12:30 – 13:00 Setup in Hotel Excelsior San Marco
• 13:15 – 14:15 Lunch at M1lle Storie & Sapori
• 14:30 – 18:00 Urban Trekking in the Parco dei Colli w/ guided visit of Città Alta
• 19:45 – 20:45 Light Dinner at Ezio Gritti Ristorante
• 21:00 Bergamo Jazz Festival at the Teatro Donizetti

Sunday, March 26th
• 9.00 Transfer to Lovere
• 10:15 – 10:30 Arrival in Lovere and depart with Emotionbike
• 12:30 – 13:45 Lunch at  7 Colli di Bossico
• 14:00 – 16:00 Descent to “valle del freddo” & climb to “San Defendente”
• 18:15 – 18:30 Transfer to Podere Castel Merlo in Villongo
• 18:30 Visit to the cellars & dinner at Podere Castel Merlo

Monday, March 27th
• 9:00 Visit to the caseificio and Latteria di scalve
• 11:00 Visit to the Schilpario Mine, train ride & guided tour of 3 parts of the mine (one dating back to the 1700’s has been specially opened for us)
• 13:15 Lunch at Chalet ca del Vo’
• 14:30 – 15:00 Return to Milan c/o Central Station Piazza Duca d’Aosta






Agriturismo San Faustino, Casoncelli Camuni, Valcamonica, Lombardy, Italy









Traditional Cuisine

Cheese, polenta, pasta, and beer… travel through the typical cuisine of the Bergamo territory!

Seasoned with a pinch of melted butter, sage and pancetta, the Casoncelli will make you fall in love with Bergamo while the Polenta holds a special place in the heart of every Bergamasco – in the mountains, you can try the taragna or traditional version, with rabbit or donkey stew. If you want to try something particular, taste the variety with spiked corn of Gandino: an excellent product brought back from tradition, thanks to the recovery of ancient seeds, exposed to 5 years of genetic selection to restore their original purity. You can also taste incredible homemade beer in the city and in the province as well. Be on the lookout for names like: Elav, Priula, Osteria della Birra, Beer Garage, Bg Birra, O’Clock Tower and Pedavena. Don’t forget about dessert! Polenta e Osèi is a soft sponge cake covered with marzipan and dark chocolate decorations made to look like its savory counterpart – polenta served with small birds. There’s also the Donizetti cake, a ring-shaped cake with pineapple and candied apricots and a bit of icing sugar.



Bergamo Alta

A magic place, well preserved throughout centuries to show its beauty to the world.

You can reach Bergamo Alta with the funicular, crossing the Venetian walls of the 15th century on board one of the two carriages enjoying a spectacular view. Or you can go by foot, climbing the stairs around the city.

Once you reach Bergamo Alta, you can have a walk along the central streets Gombito and Colleoni, where you can see shops, restaurants, typical places where you can shop and buy souvenirs. Halfway through Bergamo Alta, you’ll be taken over by the beauty of Piazza Vecchia, where you can find Palazzo della Ragione and the Civicatower, called “Campanone”. Piazza Duomo hosts the Cathedral, Colleoni Chapel, dedicated to the most famous condottiero from Bergamo during the Reinaissance and, of course, the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, a real pearl of the city.



Bergamo Bassa

The ancient center of Bergamo Bassa (lower city) is made up of smaller hamlets: San Leonardo, Pignolo and Santa Caterina. They developed in an exponential way starting from the XIX century, when city life started to move from the upper part to the lower. We suggest you take walk through these ancient streets, where there are still craftsman workshops and labs, where you can find objects and clothes that are unique and original.

The city center is called “piacentiniano” because it was created at the beginning of the XX century by the famous architect Piacentini: discover the majestic buildings that delineate the space, with tree lined roads inspired by the Parisian boulevards.

For a happy hour, go to Piazza Pontida: there are many bars with happy hours and dj sets to chat and dance with friends. After dinner, Borgo Caterina, with live music and delicious cocktails.



The Orobie and the Great Outdoors

Orobie park, with its 70.000 hectares, is one of the biggest protected areas in Lombardy. Here you’ll go from the land to the sky, from grass to rocks: the lush valleys of the Brembo, Serio and Dezzo rivers alternates with the top of the mountains, almost 3.000 meters high.

Hikers can choose among the more than 1.000km of trails in the park. The most well- known are the “Sentiero dei Fiori”, a botanical garden on the slopes of the Arera Mountain, 2.000 meters high. Then there’s the “Sentiero delle Orobie”, also called Anello delle Orobie, more than 160km and a height of 2.100-2.200 meters. The Eastern Orobie is usually divided up into 8 stops, from Valcanale to Passo della Presolana, and 6 stops in the Western Orobie, from Cassiglio to the Chalet Fratelli Longo in Val Brembana. Each step is characterized by a Chalet that offers beds for the night and food, so that you can decide on how much you want to do and how much you want to rest. If you complete it, you’ll cross the Bergamo province from one side to the other, looking at its suggestive landscape!


Bergamo JAzz - Marilyn Mazur Shamania (ThorEgilLeirtrø) live

2017 Events

Music, festivals, sport, culture, nature: prepare your stay according to your interest! Bergamo and its province are always full of enthusiasm, full of cultural and other initiatives: a full calendar is waiting for you!

This is the month par excellence dedicated to the Bergamo Film Festival, an international event that has now reached its 35th edition. From the 11th to the 19th, 8 days of great cinema with continuous projections in different places of the city. If you prefer music, you can watch the performances of the Bergamo Jazz Festival (March 19-26): since 1969, one of the most appreciated Italian festivals, with very famous guests. Learn more about the events coming to the city this year!




A selection of tours on two wheels through enchanting landscapes, with pleasant stops along the way. Afraid that you won’t have enough breath and or strength in your legs? Easy: the bicycles of Emotion Bike are electric and make everything easier!

There are different trails available, like the one in Bergamo city, that starts from the Venetian walls, through Parco Colli, val d’Astino and Piazza Vecchia, the heart of Città Alta (Upper Bergamo). Here, you’ll stop for an appetizer and then go on to the lower part of the city through the San Giacomo Door.


Adventures in Val Seriana

Chair lift and snowmobile: two special vehicles to discover the top of Val Seriana!

Two available routes: the internal circuit, 1.5km, for hose who want the thrill of driving. Then, there’s the 20km circuit, between Pian del Termen, Pian de la Palù and Monte Alto, exposed to Iseo Lake. This circuit is done side by side with expert guides, but you’ll be driving the snowmobile!


Snow Sports

Bergamo’s mountains are ideal for a ski trip or for a weekend of sport and fun. Nothing is missing: ski slopes and cross country skiing, snowboard, toboggan, bob, skating, snowshoes, Nordic walking, climbing…

The most well-known place in Val Brembana is surely Foppolo, that can boast a long skiing tradition, but there are many incredible and equipped places around like Carona, San Simone, Piazzatorre, Valtorta, Piani di Bobbio, Olter il Colle Zambla. There are also two snowparks: Iron in Foppolo and Orbik in San Simone.

Lake Iseo

In between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, Lake Iseo emerges from the mountains surrounding it: close to the city and you can find anything you are looking for during holidays. Romantic walks along the shore, breathtaking landscapes and the quietness of the lake’s water. A must is Lovere: visit the touristic port, the squares and the Tadini Academy, place where you can find the masterpieces of Canova.


Relax and Wellness

You know what they say, water brings eternal life: San Pelligrino Thermal baths promise to make you splendid if you submerge into their warm water. Outdoor or indoor, they are surrounded by the beautiful liberty style of the palace, next to the Casino. A delight for your mind and body.

Hotels with Spas are everywhere in the province of Bergamo: here’s a map of what you need to look for!


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