An Interview with Travel Dudes

An Interview with Travel Dudes

2 September 2016


Before taking off for our trip to Monza, we decided to sit down with one of the special participants on the tour, Melvin Boecher, founder of Travel DudesSee what he has to say and don’t forget to follow us this weekend with #inLombardia365 on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!


  1. You’ve established yourself as a major travel blogger and have seen countless cities and destinations…so what drew you to Lombardia?

I’ve spoken at the BIT trade fair, but had no time to explore Milan itself. So that doesn’t count. Then I’ve been to Italy quite a few times now, but never made it to explore Lombardia properly. Italy is known for good food and beautiful landscapes. I’ve seen so many photos of the lakes and mountain region of Lombardia, so it was only a question of time until heading there.


  1.  How do you prepare for a trip? Looking at maps, planning specific stops/activities, downloading local apps? Have you checked out the inLombardia VR, Virtual Reality app? –> iTunes –> Google Playstore

I check out the destination on an online map. That gives me already a very good impression. Then I might look at some blogs and more images. Usually I try to get a few ideas of things to do and see, but I never plan and organize everything. I prefer to go with the flow and stay spontaneous. I look at the weather forecast for the next day and then start thinking of what to do. The final decision usually is done on the exact morning. With today’s technology it’s so easy to travel that way. I haven’t checked out the inLombardia VR app yet, but I’ll do that right away. I bought myself a VR headset at the moment it got on the market. In a few years people will use it instead of a TV. It’s a great tool to get inspired and to travel to a destination, if done right.


  1. What would be your dream vacation in Lombardy and why? Cities, activities, etc.

For me it’s about the mix of it all. I love the countrysides and the nature, but also love the city life. I do like to get spoiled and stay at some very top class accommodations and dine at the best restaurants, but I also like to wake up in a sleeping bag and light my own fire. Just to have one choice would be too boring.  😉


  1. We’ve seen a switch from tourists seeking experiences rather than material items. How do you think this affects souvenirs and are there things that you still look to bring home to remember your travels by? What do you think about the inLOMBARDIA passport – #ilPassaporto, are you ready to get all the stamps and compete in the contest?! 🙂

Travel is about the people you meet and the experiences you have. That paired with good food and a good sleep makes a trip successful. Souvenirs? I can not remember when I last bought a souvenir. My souvenirs are the photos I take, but especially the memories I have. About 9-10 years ago I’ve traveled for 6 months through Australia & New Zealand. If you give me a map, I can show you the exact roads we took, where we stayed and what we experienced. But I can not remember what we bought. So the #ilPassaporto should be made for me… though I’ve never collected stamps in my life so far.  😉


  1. What is one of your favorite traveling memories? What made it so special?

There are too many to fit in here. I’ve had a thrilling encounter with an elephant in Tanzania, slept with cockroaches in my hair in Thailand, swam with crocodiles and sharks in Australia, had an amazingly bad Delhi Belly in India, thought an old man was dying next to me in the plane, as it seems he was splitting blood, which turned out to be red wine… etc.


  1. You’re here to explore Monza, which is an off the beaten path destination for those that don’t know about the Italian Grand Prix… Do you typically prefer visiting the bigger cities, or the smaller local towns?

Both provides their very special atmosphere. Usually the bigger cities are a bit more busy and have lots to offer. The smaller towns are laid back and more chilled. My trips usually combine both, as it’s simply too tough to make a decision and both have their own flair.


  1. What will be the destination for your next trip inLombardia?

I’ll bicycle along the Adda River, see how Monza is, where I will as well make use of my earplugs at the F1 race, go paragliding in Lecco and of course explore Milan. And there should be enough time for some other surprises.