Adrenaline High: Kitesurf, Sail, and More!

Adrenaline High: Kitesurf, Sail, and More!

22 May 2016

Wake up just before sunrise, grab a coffee, a light bite to eat, and get ready to kitesurf on the stunning lake as you watch the sun rise over the horizon and kiss the coast…

Sailing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, scuba diving, and canoeing. The lake, with its 370 square km and 158 linear km of coastline, is a one of a kind environment for recreation and fun. With the perfect wind conditions on Lake Garda, it hosts several regattas and important races such as the Centomiglia.


Windsurfing is an increasingly popular sport on Lake Garda and a favorite with the locals and also visitors in the summer. Windsurfing enthusiasts from all over Europe come to Lake Garda to compete on the blue waters of the lake from morning to night, assisted by the favorable winds and perfect climate. Gargnano, Campione del Garda, and Limone are the preferred competition sites: driving down the Gardesana Occidentale road in the summer, you can see hundreds of colorful sails criss-crossing the water in team sports and races.


Kitesurfing is the new sport making waves on Lake Garda! This sport perfectly combines water and wind is ideal on Lake Garda, which is already very popular for sailing and windsurfing. Kitesurfers from all over Europe come to Campione del Garda from early spring to late fall to enjoy its beach (the only one on the lake with a reserved area specially equipped for this sport) and the winds and currents that constantly blow over the waters. Campione del Garda is also home to a federation-approved kitesurfing school. Each weekend, visitors can see the breathtaking spectacle of hundreds of kites soaring over the lake.


Aboard a canoe, kayak or bissa, each rower can enjoy the spectacular scenery. Not far from the Riviera dei Limoni e dei Castelli is the Valvestino Dam, where canoeing enthusiasts can venture out on its fjords surrounded by forests and breathtaking landscapes.


Canyoning (also known as canyoneering) is a hybrid sport that is increasingly popular today. Hiking, diving, swimming, rock climbing and rappelling in the spectacular ravines of the Alto Garda Park on the Lago di Garda Lombardia is an exciting experience in the great outdoors. The striking geological conformation of the Garda area can be explored in the company of alpine guides and enjoyed by all. Equipped torrents are in Toscolano Maderno, Tignale, and Tremosine.


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