3 Locations to Visit for History Lovers

3 Locations to Visit for History Lovers

27 September 2016

Looking for places that have shaped the history of the Gardesano territory?

You can not omit in your trip three essential steps: Vittoriale degli Italiani, Casa Museo Ugo da Como and Tower of St. Martino della battaglia.

The Vittoriale of Gardone Riviera  is known worldwide as the home of the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. D`Annunzio staged the Italian Vittoriale between 1921 and 1938 in collaboration with the architect Gian Carlo Maroni. He surrounded a complex of buildings with walls, that take you through the streets and squares. In a panoramic position overlooking Lake Garda, the Vittoriale with its largest amphitheater is today home to the prestigious Summer Festival, music and theater “Tener-a -mente”.

The house of the Podesta Ugo da Como in Lonato del Garda was built in the mid-fifteenth century as the seat of the representative of Venice, which was entrusted with the control of the territory. Came under Spanish rule, Austrian … and in 1906 it was purchased by the Podestà and restored with the help of architect Tagliaferri from Brescia. Today the house is a public museum.

It is adjacent to the Rocca Visconteo Veneta, venue for events and festivals of international importance.

The Tower of San Martino della Battaglia, situated in the locality in Desenzano del Garda, was erected to honor the memory of King Vittorio Emanuele II and those who fought for the independence and unification of Italy between 1848 and 1870.

La Torre, majestic on the outside and full of art inside, is surrounded by a large park in the heart of the vineyards, production area Lugana Doc.

Behind the Tower you can visit the Museum and the Ossuary.