2 Days in Valtellina

2 Days in Valtellina

26 March 2016

48 hours in Valtellina won’t let you see everything, but here we’re breaking down the best things to see during a weekend between sports, nature, and food!

Day 1- Water sports and typical food

Rafting is the ideal way to see Valtellina and the Adda River, for a one of a kind experience, immersed in unforgettable landscapes. For those looking for something a bit more tranquil, you can relax on the water in a canoe or kayak, taking in the scenery.

For info: http://www.valtellinariver.it/

Canyoning is a great way to explore the hidden torrents in Valtellina, like the Boggia in Val Bodegno. The various routes are divided by difficulty and and there are guides available to ensure everything goes according to plan.

For info: http://www.valbodengo.com/tablet/canyoning.html

After an intense morning, you have to enjoy a typical plate of Valtellina. Around Sondrio, you simply must try the pizzoccheri, a pasta made of buckwheat flour.

For info: http://www.valtellina.it/it/mangiare-e-dormire/teglio/ristoranti

In Val Bodengo, there are also plenty of opportunities to eat well in company after a day of hiking and canyoning.

For info: http://www.valbodengo.com/tablet/mangia-dormi.html

Day 2- Biking and good food

The Sentiero Valtellina, or Valtellina Path (100km) and the Ciclabile della Valchiavenna (50k), or cycle path of the Valchiavenna, are great places to discover the local territory. The two pass the Pian di Spagna Nature Reserve, and feature some incredible scenery. Don’t forget about the Via dei Terrazzamenti, another area that’s perfect to be explored atop a bike. Check out the Valtellina Rent a Bike for an easy way to get your gear at one of the stations in Tirano-Sondrio-Morbegno-Colico.

For info: http://www.valtellina.it/it/bike/cicloturismo/percorsi

For those looking for a bit more adrenaline, the mountain bike paths can show you a good time. The Five Crazy Down, are 5 downhill routes starting in the high mountains of the Valtellina and running through mule paths, military roads, and paths made for bikers. Some are easier than others, but all require substantial athletic ability and knowledge of the sport.

For info: http://www.fivecrazydown.com/itinerario/la-grosina       http://www.fivecrazydown.com/itinerario/tornantissima

Finish the day off in Grosio at the Ristorante Jim, a welcoming place for couples, groups, or families. Otherwise there is Umami, a starred restaurant that is an experience as much as it is a meal.

For info: http://hotelsassella.it/it/ristorante-jim/


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